The Garden Suite

A beautiful and clean independent house with an amazing view, privacy from neighbors, a full outdoor kitchen, a hammock gazebo, a sundeck and a natural “no chemical” sitting pool, this was the first building at The Coryan. Inspired by a type of building called an Earthship, the Garden Suite was designed with self-sufficiency in mind. It is often described as a garden with a house in the middle. Sleeping here is as about as close to glamping as you can get without being in a tent. The Garden Suite features a biogas stove, a rocket stove, a rainwater harvesting system, solar panels, and one hundred percent warm LED lighting.

Details: -One bedroom -One bathroom -One queen sized bed -Sleeps two -Private chemical-free sitting pool -Private full kitchen -Private gazebo with hammock -Private car parking and entry -Raised garden surrounds ninety percent of the house -Fruit forest surrounds one hundered percent of the house

Special note; There are things you might expect to find at a resort that the Garden Suite and The Coryan do NOT have:
1.The bathoom does not have a flushing toilet. It has a compost toilet. But don’t worry! It doesn’t smell and we clean it every day. This is one way we create fertilizer for the plants.
2.There is no hot water heater. But since you have a full kitchen, you can always heat some up on the stove. The first reason for this is because it’s so warm in this region that nobody ever wants to take a hot shower. They usually take a cold shower to cool down and go to bed. The second reason for this is that a cold shower when your body is warm is good for circulating lymphatic fluid.
3.There is no microwave. If you’re eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables to get healthy, why would you need a microwave? But there is a stove.
4.There is no TV. This is because Cory and Angela do not distribute, promote, sell or profit from anything they believe is unhealthy for the soil, the animals, or for you (As per the Guiding Principle, explained in the “Our Story” page). Most of what is on TV is propaganda of some kind, stressful, and unhealthy for you. But there is internet and phone service.
5.There is no candy, coffee, soda, alcohol, or meat available at The Coryan. We don’t prohibit it, we just don’t distribute or sell it because Cory and Angela believe it is unhealthy for you (As per the Guiding Principle, explained in the “Our Story” page) . You can always bring your own or go out for it if you want.

More Features

The Garden Suite utilizes human energy and waste to benefit the surrounding garden and fruit forest. Examples of this are the compost toilet (creates fertilizer), biogas digester (creates fertilizer), raised gardens (eats fertilizer), the Coryan Fire Table (creates biochar), and the pool’s sand and biochar filter (charges biochar). So when you use the toilet, you are helping the plants. When you throw a banana peel into the sink and turn on the garbage disposal, you are feeding the biogas digester and helping the plants. When you have a fire and have coals left over, you are creating biochar and helping the plants.

$125 per night
two night minimum