Health Resort

Why do we call this a health resort? 

Because getting healthier is easy when you stay at The Coryan.

Here you will find:

1.No toxins

This includes personal hygiene products, cleaning products, sunblock, chemicals in the water, herbicides, pesticides, advertisements, propaganda, newspapers, TVs, or radios.

2.An abundance of the healthiest food possible for humans; fruit and raw vegetables     

It’s as easy to find healthy food at The Coryan as it is to find junk food everywhere else.  By “healthy”, we mean food that digests alkaline.  By “junk”, we mean food that digests acidic.

3.Opportunities to rest

Rest is an important aspect of health.  Between the bed, the sofa, the hammock and the pool, you should be able to find a place to rest that suits you.

4.Opportunities to stimulate circulation

By “circulation”, we mean circulation of your lymphatic fluid. This is because your blood has a pump to keep it moving, but your lymphatic fluid doesn’t.  There are two primary ways to stimulate circulation of your lymphatic fluid; 1.exercise such as swimming, yoga, hiking, biking, walking, running and calisthenics, and 2.non-exercise such as massage, temperature changes and dry brush.  

5.Opportunities to learn

We can offer you health classes, nutrition classes, cooking classes, and gardening classes.  If you’d like to start studying now, we recommend videos on Youtube about cancer and the lymphatic system by Doctor Robert Morse, the book called The China Study by Doctor T. Colin Campbell, and following Fully Raw Kristina and Johnny Juicer on Instagram.

And we recommend watching this video about deep dotox by Mark James Gordon: