Health Resort

Why do we call this a health resort? Because getting healthier is easy when you stay at The Coryan.

Here you will find:
1.No toxins
No toxic hygiene products, cleaning products, sunblock, chemicals in the water, herbicides, pesticides, advertisements, newspapers, TVs, or radios.
2.Opportunities to eat the healthiest food possible for humans
Fruit and raw vegetables.
3.Opportunities to rest
No alarm clocks, no “breakfast time”. You can lie in bed all day if you want/need to, and we’ll bring the food to your room.
4.Opportunities to stimulate circulation
By “circulation”, we mean circulation of the lymphatic system. This means exercise in the form of swimming, yoga, hiking, biking, running, calisthenics, trampoline, tetherball and frisbee golf, and non-exercise in the form of massages, temperature changes, and dry brush.
5.Opportunities to learn
Health classes, cooking classes, gardening classes, a video and book library.

Fruit Camp Health Services

Fruit Camp Health Services

Health services are optional, and intended for guests with serious health conditions. These services are complimentary, but only available to guests who stay a minimum of four weeks and engage in a program we call “Fruit Camp”.

Fruit Camp participants are encouraged to bring a loved one like a friend or family member, who can support them, share their room, and participate at no additional charge.

Fruit Camp participants will begin their stay with a full health assessment from our in-house expert. They will then be prescribed a detailed program which will include exercise, rest, education, and a fully raw diet. As their “journey to wellville” unfolds, they will meet with our health expert three times a week. Completion of Fruit Camp will not only be rewarded with much better health, but also with a nutrition coach certificate. Fruit Camp graduates will be ready to share their knowledge and experience with others.