Friendly Farm Project

Food Donation Program

The Coryan is proud to be a partner of the Friendly Farm Project.  Together we strive to donate healthy food to working poor and at-risk youth.  The idea is to promote a healthy diet to more people than just the guests of The Coryan.  

If you’ve got some gardening space at home and you’d like to grow and give food away, you could partner up with the Friendly Farm Project too.  Even if it’s a tiny space.  Even if it’s a rooftop or a balcony.  Let’s talk!

Thank you...

Thank you to the following people who have inspired us to grow food and give it away…Cory and Angela

John VanDeusen Edwards with Food Is Free, Rob Greenfield, Live Like Ally Foundation, Ron Finley the “gangster gardener”, Katie with Katie’s Krops, Mike Rowe and all the people featured on Return The Favor, The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative, Heather Jo Flores with Food Not Lawns, Farm My Yard, Larry Johnson the “mad scientist”, Rick Simpson, Travis Brown, Roger Cordell, Bruce Shaefbauer, and Joe Blaze.