About Us

Our Story

The Coryan is named after it’s owners; Cory and Angela, who were introduced by a mutual friend while Cory was on vacation in Colombia in 2010. They dated for three years, and married in 2013. Ever since then, they have been studying and learning about health and how to grow their own food. In 2015 they became vegetarians and used nutrition to help Cory naturally recover from the case of gout he had developed. In 2016 Angela was able to avoid medications and naturally treat the anxiety she was experiencing.

In 2017 they bought the land which is now The Coryan, and immediately began implementing permaculture techniques to limit erosion, recharge ground water, plant fruit trees and build soil.  In 2018, they finished drafting up a plan for the entire layout of the land including what the buildings would be and where they would go, and began remodeling the old house that was already there.  In 2019 they took another step and stopped eating all animal products, switched to a plant-based diet, and started eating a lot more fruit!  Cory and Angela continue to practice what they have learned about nutrition. They have also begun coaching others.

As the project continues to make progress, Cory and Angela have articulated a guiding principle which says; “The Coryan does not practice, distribute, sell, promote or profit from anything which Cory and Angela feel is not good for the soil, the animals, or for you”.

The plan is to make The Coryan a beautiful, regenerative, toxin-free and self-sufficient integration of nature and resort, where everything works together; the guests benefit the fruit forest, and the fruit forest benefits the guests. It will be “barefoot-friendly”, full of life and overflowing with fresh organic food. It will be a place to connect with nature, soak up sun, and get healthier!