Be the change that you want to see in the world...
Mahatama Gandhi
At The Coryan, we want to see the world get healthier.
About Us
Let food be thy medicine, and medicine by thy food...
At The Coryan, you will be surrounded with the healthiest food possible.
Health Resort
You can solve all the world's problems in a garden...
Geoff Lawton
At The Coryan, you will be surrounded by a giant forest garden.
Fruit Forest
Growing your own food is like printing your own money...
Ron Finley
At The Coryan, we grow and give food away.
Food Donation Program

The Fruit Forest

Having a fruit forest ensures that The Coryan will always have a reliable source of clean, organic fruit.  Forests take care of themselves…they require no irrigation, no fertilizer, and no pesticide.  They provide habitat for animals, and help generate both clean air and clean water.  There are now over two hundred fruit trees at The Coryan!

Flowers, Birds And Butterflies

An important aspect of a fruit forest is flowering plants which attract animals known as “pollinators”.  Pollinators include birds and butterflies, and they help the fruit trees to produce more fruit.  The Coryan Fruit Forest was designed with a lot of flowering plants around, and they were purposely located in places which bring the birds and butterflies out to where you can see them! 

Yellow Tanager

The Health Resort

The Coryan provides a supportive environment, where getting healthier just feels easy and natural.  Healthy food is everywhere, with no toxic chemicals sprayed on the plants or used to clean the house or the pool.

Health Services

Health Services

Starting in 2022 The Coryan will begin offering optional health consultations, coaching, and monitoring services for those with specific health issues like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and excess body fat.

Food Donation Program

The Coryan donates most of the food it grows. #FoodIsFree

Free Food Program